Friday, 31 August 2018

Around the world

Last June has been a tough but exciting month. Being an Early Stage Researcher in MSCA Project really gives you the possibility to travel around the world :) 
First stop Aalborg, Denmark. The last training week was waiting for us at Aalborg University.

Apart from the normal training lessons that we had, it was also time for our Mid-term Review. ITN project shall organise a Mid-Term Review (MTR) meeting in order to assess the fulfilment of all aspects (scientific, research training, management, etc.) which were defined in the beginning of the project. Therefore the Project Officer Szymon Sroda and the scientific expert Prof. Assoc. Elsa Caetano evaluated us from the scientific and non scientific point of view.
We were pretty stressed about that..but we nailed it  :)
And then it was time to fly to Japan :) 

My fellow PhD Joey and I participated in the ISOPE (International Society of Ocean and Polar Engineering) conference which was held in Sapporo (Hokkaido island).
ISOPE is a major conference in offshore engineering and every year is held in very nice locations. Just for your information, next year it will be in Hawaii :)
I was very excited to present a method that I am developing in my PhD to accurately predict the behaviour of soil under cyclic loading condition for offshore structures. The paper is titled "Explicit method to account for cyclic degradation of offshore wind turbine foundations using cyclic interaction diagrams". The work done in this paper was fruit of the research carried out during my secondment in COWI last year.

So far I learned that participating in a conferences enriches and challenges you in different aspects. The presentation is a very good exercise to transmit your research in a simple but clear way to the people attending the conference and hopefully someone will have some critiques during the discussion session which is the best way to improve your research. 

Another challenge is to be social and don't be shy to start to talk to people and to be curious about their jobs. It is very important for networking!
Conferences are not just about the scientific contents they are also a fun way to explore the country in which your are (culture, food, places etc).
Both Joey and I had the presentation on the first day of the conference which allowed us to be more calm for the rest of the conference.
When the conference was over there was finally time to explore Sapporo and Tokyo :) We did a lot of sightseing and tasted so much nice food (ramen is my favourite).
Enjoying Ramen
Gala Dinner
Sapporo Festival

Thursday, 5 April 2018

The power of collaboration

Hallo Leute,

The past three months have been very exciting. Let’s start from the beginning…

The collaboration with the colleagues from COWI resulted in a paper published at the Twenty-eighth (2018) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE), which will be held in Sapporo, Japan.
Paper submitted at the ISOPE conference
We are very satisfied with the outcome of the paper because after some months of hard work we found a new simplified methodology to evaluate the tilting of the foundations under cyclic loading. The main goal of this research is to fill the lack of the a generally accepted unified method to account for cyclic loading which is still a main challenge on the design of offshore foundations. There are quite some points now to dig deeper in order to make this method more robust and attractive. So stay tuned🔜
Poster presentation during ImpDay#1
Soon after that it was time to get ready for the Implementation Day #1 (there will be two more) which was organized jointly with BASt and the German Federal Highway Research Institute, in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany). The aim of this day was to collaborate in groups with our fellow ESR and implement practical applications, based on our knowledge developed during our own research and of course with the help of the our supervisors.
Joey (ESR8 research in COWI A/S) and I started to collaborate in early February. My topic is on offshore geotechnical engineering while his topic is on offshore structural engineering. Therefore, we found immediately something to work with and have fun.  
If we think about the design of wind turbines, we can imagine that it relies on knowledge of different engineering disciplines with multiple interfaces. An example is the soil-structure interaction for which iterative loops between the wind turbine manufacturer and the foundation designer are needed to update the load calculations at the interface level (the contact between the soil and the foundation). Therefore, in order to have a satisfactory design, a close collaboration between the geotechnical and structural engineersis necessary.
In our group project, we simulate this synergy between the two disciplines of civil engineering by studying the sensitivity of offshore gravity base foundations loads with respect to soil variability. The poster that we did is here:
Research developed with Joey (ESR8)
It was very interesting to implement this link and deal with the challenges that engineers should overcome during the design of an offshore wind turbin.

Around the world

Last June has been a tough but exciting month. Being an Early Stage Researcher in MSCA Project really gives you the possibility to trav...