Monday, 2 October 2017

What a September!

This month was full of new adventures! 

I started my secondment in COWI. Therefore I moved to Aalborg, Denmark. This secondment will give me the possibilities to network with the geotechnical experts in COWI in order to collaborate in a new project for my PhD thesis. 

A part of that, it is also very nice to be in a different style of working which is very interesting and is always a good experience. This part of my thesis is to create a Python-Plaxis interface to account for the evolution of soil properties under cyclic loadings. This will be very relevant in the design of offshore structures.

One of the great things about the Marie-Curie ITN PhD programs is the possibility to network and reach out other people to explain your work and spread our knowledge gained so far. I participated in the T-MAPPP workshop (Training in Multiscale Analysis of MultiPhase Particulate Processes and Systems) in Hannover. T-MAPPP is an Initial Training Network funded by FP7 Marie Curie Actions

I have done a poster presentation in which I explained my work developed in this first year of PhD. The workshop was about particles processes with industrial and academic contributions. The workshop was divided in some invited sessions and some discussion groups mainly focus on calibration and validation of numerical modelling of particles. I am very thankful to the TMAPPP partners to let me present my work. 
I participated in the conference Particles2017 in Hannover in which I wrote a paper (LONG-TERM CYCLIC TRIAXIAL TESTS WITH DEM  SIMULATIONS) and presented my work. It was a very good opportunity to network and meet so many researchers, professors and industries working with particles systems.

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