Thursday, 2 November 2017

My first secondment

Unfortunately it is already time to leave Aalborg. It is such a lovely city where to live. You just have to get used to the weather :).

This city is a bit special because I did my Erasmus back in the days (2015). I was very happy when I discovered that one of my secondments was actually in Aalborg. I have a lot of good memories and friends and I was very happy to meet them again.
When I applied for my Erasmus I chose Aalborg because the study form is project-organised (you have hands on different realistic projects) and you are working in groups. I found it very useful because when you have to solve a problem, you can discuss it with your group mate, have different approaches and ideas to solve the task.
This group work method of Aalborg University had an influence as well on private companies. Here in COWI they adopted an open space office and the projects are solved as a team effort.
I am very happy of these two months spend here in COWI. I am very grateful to my colleagues (Anders, Martin, Soren, Aske and Karsten) which helped me a lot.
You now may ask, what have I done here? In these two months of my secondment we worked on a method for predicting the behaviour of offshore foundations under cyclic loading. This collaboration is not ending here but we will have still some monthly meetings and a lot of things to do. 

Yesterday (1.11) we had a very productive meeting between COWI and GuD. We discussed the state of the art of my work and the future developments. We sent an abstract, which was accepted, for the ISOPE2018 conference (it will be in Japan :) )
Nest stop back to Berlin...

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